So Idk where I am at..

So to be completely honest (I think I use that phrase a I don’t know if drumming is for me. I don’t know if its the fact that my schedule is hectic with work and drums are loud and I can’t play past 9:00, or if its just not for me. An amazing thing happened though after I saw Shakey Graves open for City and Colour (Id almost say Shakey Graves was better) I noticed a different kind of playing style that I have never heard before. Shake Graves when he plays by himself manages to not only fingerpick (which is hard) but also keeps a relative beat with a Tamborine and a bass drum with his right and left food; and I gotta say that it sounded fricken amazing. So, I am the adventurous type and sort of completely forgot about all of the other drums and focused on the bass/kick drum and playing guitar and I gotta say… I feel amazing. I feel as if I just found a new method to my madness considering I wasn’t thinking drumming was for me! IMG_4149

So I don’t know if this is the end of my drumming career or what not but it felt weird not strumming a guitar, but I also love the kick drum so I incorporated the two; if you check out my twitter I have a small snippet of how I sound with this new method (it isn’t perfect but I am working on it). Wish me luck 🙂


When you think that you suck..

One of the things about trying something new is that you cannot go into it thinking that you’re gonna be perfect straight on. Many things take hours and hours if not years to perfect. When I rented my drum kit I had the vision of me being able to perform a solid beat within setting up the kit but little did I know that I actually didn’t know that much about drumming. I had a digital drum kit before so I do have the basic movements down but that was on a digital drum kit which is completely different from an acoustic set because an acoustic set you can tune to the exact sound you want, let alone tuning every tom, snare, and kick to work with each other; along with tuning comes how hard you hit the drums itself, its crazy how customizable it is. With this come the discovery of my sound which I have yet to find because of how vast the drums can sound.

The sound and tuning is only the first part of realizing that I actually don’t know everything about the drums and intrigues me to play more. I can maybe play two songs all the way through at this moment with maybe a couple of mistakes. However, the thing that I am noticing that whenever I think to myself that “I suck” or “You sound bad” I end up playing better because I am striving to sound good. Thats why I believe it is not negative to look down on yourself in some cases because it allows you to focus on your flaws, and improve on those flaws that may be holding you back. Everybody has flaws there is no denying that, you are never going to be perfect; but the more you work on your flaws the more confident you will become with them, and focus more on the bigger picture!


Learning a bit about tuning..

One of the parts about drumming that I never considered about drumming is the fact that you need to tune the drums to your liking. Just like any instrument you have to tune it so that it sounds right however, drums can’t (actually they can but its confusing) be tuned to a note, or a chord. There is no A or C chord for the drums, so how do you tune them? Drumming is solely based on what you want yourself to sound like, and this is where tuning helps achieve that. You are able to tighten and loosen the tension rods on a drums head to either loosen or tighten the sound (if that makes sense). I learnt through youtube videos that tuning a drum kit to your liking is actually extremely important because in order for you to play well, you have to like how you sound. With that comes a bunch of trial and error, and if you get annoyed by not the right sound easily.. well theres lots of that!


IMG_4110 (1)

Lets do this…

Alright! I did it. I finally did something that has been in my interest for basically my whole life. I am currently renting a drum kit!!! For my ECMP 355 learning project I am going to work on becoming a drummer (which is something I have always wanted to do).

So first thing off, I have drummed before in my life which means that I have a few basic beats in my head; I also play guitar so I have a natural rhythm going on. However, this is the first time I ever played an acoustic drum kit.. The sound, feel, and overall placement of the heads are all different from what I am used to (and thats not even a lot!). So you could say I am basically starting from scratch with natural rhythm


IMG_4071    (It actually didn’t take that long to set up!)IMG_4072

Second off I am renting in the meantime (I wish I could buy but I have no money). The guys at long and mquade also said that renting is very good for beginners because you have yet to discover your sound, let alone the basic rhythm down. So with renting has its complications.. they forgot to give me some serious components: my seat stand (its called a throne lol), a leg for my bass drum (the biggest one), and a ride stand (one of the bigger cymbals that make that “ting” sound, so I need to get those covered before I can really go at er.

Last of all I want to leave the people who read these with a little treat/ a control. I want to have the same song I am covering in my first post, and also my last post to sort of show my progression. If you’re somebody who knows me, “Stressed” Out from Twenty One Pilots is the answer to my life at this moment, with that being said I want to be able to drum to the sick beat that is “Stressed Out”. So I am going to leave this blog with the video of my first  drum cover ever 😉 ENJOY!