Hello everyone! My name is Brayden Dreger. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan where I currently live. I am enrolled in the Faculty of Education, and am currently in the Middle Years Program. I currently work as a Before and After School Program staff, and a Youth Mentor.

There are many things I am interested in! I snowboard very religiously, and I enjoy every aspect of it. I also play guitar a lot, and am currently in a band that plays alternative music. I love the winter months considering I live in a place that has -20 weather for 8 months of the year. I am all around an outgoing guy!

There are many things I have planned for the future! I want to do a ton of travelling (especially when I am bored in the summer months as a teacher). I want to go backpacking in Europe for at least 2 weeks. I want to visit places such as Rome, Germany, Italy, Greece, and South America. I am looking forward to becoming a Teacher because I love being around kids, and I love having the persona of making a difference in someones life! On this blog I will be posting my Professional, and Personal growth whether that would be through adding to my resume, or posting photos of places I travel. It will be a fun adventure for the next couple of years!



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