Things are starting to work out!

This last week has gone a little bit better then the last now that I am getting used to having nearly no meat. I want to first point out that I volunteered out at Caring Hearts Camp so I treated myself to the selection of meat that they offered at every meal. However, what I noticed is that meat is starting to taste gross to me. It’s as if there is this taste that I can’t get out of my mouth once I have it (I also have a weird body sensation similar to a food coma almost whenever I do decide to cheat and have some meat). I am unaware of why this is, whether it is my mind playing tricks on me or if it is an actual reaction to the meat. One thing I want to dedicate myself to is researching why meat is giving me this weird feeling. On a plus note I did decide to look into how much someone should be eating in a day, and I figured out how to receive a majority of my calories so that I don’t starve myself. Beans and rice are kind of the golden ticket in a vegetarians life so they kind of saved me from feeling like crap (supposedly from calorie deficit or stress). Overall I am still enjoying my journey becoming a less impactful human being.