First week into being an official Vegetarian.

Considering this is just a check in blog on how my active citizenship pledge is going I am going to make it pretty basic; I have been following my pact for the most part (broke only one day of my streak), but I am finding it difficult. To be completely honest I kind of forgot being a vegan is more hardcore than a vegetarian and I was honestly being a vegan for a little bit (yay?). That being said I was having trouble feeling full without fulfilling my protein barrier. Considering I was avoiding anything that came from an animal I was avoiding milk, cheese you name it. However now realizing that I was being extra hardcore makes the future a little easier. My next step in my pact is to educate myself on how much/what foods I should be eating considering I don’t have meat to provide me with Iron and certain vitamins/minerals. I believe in the last little bit I have been eating way less food that I am used to and considering there is no meat involved that means I’m probably not getting enough calories (which is definitely not a good thing). A deficit in calories means my body will start eating itself before it goes for my fat storage. This being said I am going to devote at least a half hour a day to find out about how much food/vegetables I should be eating and what vegetables are higher in certain nutrients.

Needless to say my fridge has like 10 cucumbers in it.


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