Living a life with a carbon deficit.

Over the years it is quite clear that humans have made a major contribution towards the current global warming crisis. I believe one of the many troubles our society is facing is the fact that we appear to be living in a global warming crisis and there is no clear evidence of action or change. In ESST we are being given the opportunity to create a commitment that will not only make us more active community members but will be beneficial for the growth of society. I believe it is my duty as a future educator to educate the next generation on how to properly use resources that limit their carbon usage (ex. electric vehicles, minimalism, growing their own food).

In order to cut down on our carbon usage as a society, we must find methods to combat carbon usage; I believe becoming vegetarian will undoubtedly reduce the amount of carbon I produce. I believe vegetarianism will be the first step in my activism to limit my carbon usage due to current day agriculture playing a considerable role in greenhouse emissions (5.1% linked directly to livestock). I want to begin the active citizenship journey by becoming a vegetarian which will not only cut down on my carbon usage, but also expose me to more resources that will aid my carbon deficit journey.

My connection to the curriculum can be expressed through the social studies outcomes:
– Analyze the social and environmental consequences of living in the Canadian mixed market economy based on consumerism.
– Critique the approaches of Canada and Canadians to environmental stewardship and sustainability.
These outcomes give a clear understanding of the Canadian Identity and how our current way of living is effecting the land. In the future I won’t necessarily be pushing vegetarianism, but I will be pushing the idea of how we impact the land as Treaty 4 partners.

** I got my statistics from this study**


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