There was a word I was I looking for: Poststructuralism

IMG_5163.jpgIt is quite clear through taking ESCI 302 that I have a high inclination to use inquiry based learning when I become an educator myself. M.J Barrett says it perfectly in the Making (Some) Sense of Feminist Poststructuralism in Environmental Education Research and Practice reading. When I first starting reading this paper (despite it being when I first woke up) I didn’t really understand what poststructuralism meant. I don’t know if it was again because I just woke up or I was just skimming through the first little bit but it wasn’t until her “Discourse” area where it finally popped out to me; poststructuralism is the whole idea of disrupting the current way of learning. “ones that led me to see myself as an instructor who works to develop a ‘sense of wonder’ in my students within poststructuralism” pretty much speaks for how I have envisioned my classroom since day one. I have never been the strongest suited for school, and that was all of my life; I actually didn’t start getting “decent” marks until first year of University which makes no sense. However, with this never having good marks mentality I never enjoyed school for many reasons, but one of the main reasons (besides marks) was that it was boring! You sit in a desk all day in a fluorescent flavoured room with motivation posters on top of a bland white canvas. You sit there all day long as the teacher drills things (they were things to me) into your head; was the vision of school except for grade 7 and 8 where it became more lenient. Once I got the university I then realized why school was like this and it was the whole idea of westernized learning/assembly line learning.

Conformity is drilled into our heads into our lives in this day and age; you have to have specific characteristics in order to be considered attractive, you have to score high on a test because if this happens we know you are smart, you have to sit in rows so that you cannot form relationships with classmates. However I have always had this vision of an open concept classroom, one where the educator is merely the conductor of the train, but the students are the ones adding fuel to the fire. When looking at the portions of my life that I seem most successful in are moments where I had learned the trait on my own. I have such a strong imagination because my parents were never home because they worked 12 hour days everyday, so I improvised; I am decent at guitar because I taught myself in a way; I feel as if I have good people skills because parents were never there to help me solve my problems.

Overall I enjoy this idea of allowing students to go through school understanding that without them school is nothing, thus it should be student centric, not teacher and board. In my opinion (which could be wrong, IDK yet considered I’m not a teacher yet) school should be around the idea of the Journey, not the end result. Not every student learns at the same rate (I never understood the concept of your, and you’re until grade 10), and some will learn different aspects during different points of their life. School should be based around their current journey, and guiding them on that journey apposed to fitting a norm.


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