Our world kind of sucks

I wanted to take the time before I start my reflection of The Paris Agreement to mention the picture I have posted above. With the rise of the weather comes the rise of the litter and garbage that has assembled over the winter within my area. This is the second summer I have spent at the house we currently call home, and when the dam near by starts flowing generally the only revolting thing it pushes out is the disgusting “lake” water found behind our house but these year another factor has made its way in the damn, garbage. Normally the smell of the rushing water in the dam is enough to keep people away from it but now it just become more disgusting due to the pollution in the water where you can see plastic, and styrofoam cups everywhere.
This is where I refer to The Paris Agreement because I am downright disgusted knowing that the government is somewhat making an effort to help with pollution and climate change but that still does not stop people from littering. The sad thing about our current society is such as the first nations way of living (preparing for the future 7 generations) our generation only cares about the now, and ourselves. Rather then taking the time to find a garbage can to throw away a Tims cup, some people just throw them out of the window because that’s quicker and painless for them. I can’t speak as if I have never done such things before but I am becoming more aware of my impact on the environment and this is what pushes me towards changing my habits.

I want to refer to when we were ice fishing this season and I had a friend who would burn his styrofoam plates when he was done eating. I said to him “You idiot that’s bad for the environment” and he simply said “So?”. This is the problem the current generations have is that they do not know how their actions are impacting the environment. I have another friend who drives his truck around as a daily driver because he wants to show off, when simply having a smaller car would get the same job done with less impact. I think my duty as a teacher is to educate the next generations on their impacts on the environment. We live in a society where no matter what we do we will have an impact on the environment; even if we all drove electric cars, we still need to make roads to drive the cars on. What I want to focus on as an educator is minimizing the amount of impact one can have on the environment. It is unrealistic at this point to have a no-impact life because that is just the world we live in. However, we can work our way towards limiting our impact to make room for a more sustainable life.


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