In the middle of things!

My embodiment Journey through Environmental Education has been full of surprises considering the short amount of time that has been covered. Despite not fully committing to the whole “save the planet” party, I am becoming more and more aware of my impact and that has allowed me to diminish some of my selfish ways. Through my Journey with the Embodiment group that I have been placed in I am noticing great things that are happening in my life; one of which is having a more connectedness with my food! I am finding common themes in my blog posts such as my whiner traits coming out more than ever; I am finding common themes and slowly developing my environmental philosophy that I not only will incorporate as an educator, but mend into my every day life. I am also starting to form an understanding on why we need to change rather then how we can change. Overall I am slowly starting to turn into the cliche hippy (trying to be funny but secretly serious).
First off when looking at my embodiment journey, what better way to look at my connections to the course other than the blog posts? One of the many things I am noticing when it comes to my blogging is that I am very quick to jump the gun but never really explain myself. In my second commonplace blog I stated “Sure there ended up being ‘a’ form of vegetation on Earth in WALL-E when it is clear that the whole planet is seemingly dead but is there any way of truly knowing if we have completely killed our planet?” and this is a perfect example of me jumping the gun but not giving an answer to why I did that. As one can tell Brayden asked a question that he did not have an answer for or did not know what to do with. I found a couple more scenarios that this in my blogging but what I realized that I need to start doing is making sense, and answering my questioning/whining. Through my years in education I have been faced with many hardships and social issues that are kind of important (actually pretty important) such as feminism, equality and racism; however, whining and complaining that something is wrong can only go so far before one says, “Okay, now do something about it”. The problem with me is that I want to be able to have an answer to the statement “Do something about it” but I don’t at this point in my life. This is why in the future I want to focus more on leaving my whining out of my blogging unless I have a “plan” or an answer to how I am going to change to help the cause.
I also found that my very first post was centred around the connection I had with the earth physically (eating food, and breathing could be considered physical but this post was my physical body) and I have yet to explore that portion since and I’m curious to as why I haven’t. I think my first post had an intimate theme to it because snowboarding is something I love; I truly want to be in the mountains every second of my life but realizing that my grandchildren and future generations might not be able to experience the outdoors as I have is what scares me. I connected my physical body to the Earth in the sense that I am one of the contributions to the problem.
Overall, I have a sense that I am becoming more accepting, and willingly person when it comes to changing regarding climate change. I want to eat foods that not only cause as little harm to animals as possible, but have as little impact on the environment as possible. I want to understand the chemicals that I may be ingesting because that is simply how we preserve. I want to do all of these things because of my connection to the land, and the fact that this is my home and I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I want future generations to have the luxury of snowboarding, I want there to be a cheap way to travel the world without burning fossil fuels and destroying the world we live in. There are so many things I want to do to change, but also so many things in general that I want to do that have an effect on the environment. I don’t think the goal of Embodiment is understanding, I believe the end goal of this word is actually doing something to help.


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