Impacting Wilderness


The theme for the second creative journal post was along the lines of how we impact wilderness. With all this hype over climate change and the rise in greenhouse gases there is this lovely image that pops into my mind, what the earth looks in the Pixar movie WALL-E, just complete death. I don’t think the whole idea of WALL-E was too off the charts to be completely honest! Yeah having garbage piles the size of skyscrapers may be a little radical but the whole idea of Earth just being a dead ball isn’t far from what humanities distant future may look like.

On Mondays class we were presented with this idea of what wilderness is, In my opinion wilderness is still everywhere it’s just humans are covering it. In the Canoe pedagogy it is stated that “Wilderness and nature are often represented in dominant discourse as spaces of leisure, as places to unwind or, alternatively, wind up for an expedition.” and I somewhat disagree because I believe that wilderness is still the land around us, it’s just that our current society is changing the land. At the end of the day the land we call home is still part of nature, its just european settlers have changed the chemistry of the land to their liking. I try to represent this in my drawing by showing that there is this beautiful landscape past the smog, and death that is our current society. The reason I related WALL-E into this blog post is because how long is it going to take until all of the “untouched” natural beauty landscapes are affected by our current way of life?

When I was in elementary school my grade 8 teacher always told me “if humans were just to disappear from the earth, everything would go back to normal within 2 years” or something a long the lines of that and I am curious with that statement. Is there a point where we have caused so much damage as a society that the Earth is no longer deemed repairable? Sure there ended up being ‘a’ form of vegetation on Earth in WALL-E when it is clear that the whole planet is seemingly dead but is there any way of truly knowing if we have completely killed our planet?


2 thoughts on “Impacting Wilderness

  1. Hello Brayden,
    I enjoyed reading about how the wilderness connected to you in your personal life. I also liked how you connected to WALL-E, I have never thought about that before so it opened my eyes to think in a different way.


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