Haiku’s can be meaningful!

So since Mac’s are act stupid sometimes, I am going to transfer my beautiful piece of art to this post!

“Beautiful desert sky,
lit underneath the star light,
where no light will shine”

I felt bad because I feel as if I did not put as much effort into my poem as others may have (because of the content) which is why I wanted to explain myself a bit more. What I am getting at through this poem is that it is not humans that make the earth beautiful. Take the desert for instance, one of the more hostile places in the world; scorching hot during the day, freezing at night and no vegetation for any life. Yet at night since there is no light pollution what so ever you can find the clearest, most star-filled skies in the world. It is not humans that make the world beautiful, the earth is already beautiful, we just need to respect it as it is.


Where I wish I could be all the time.


So here I have you a tubaware container of snow, my reminder of my past experiences in the mountains. This weeks theme of creative journals was “storying the environment” and this is my interpretation of the story of the environment.

The reason I have decided to scoop up snow to show my interpretation of the creative journal theme is because I truly want to take nature with me everywhere. I have a strong bond with the mountains, specifically snowboarding in the mountains; for the most part whenever I day dream it is most likely about snowboarding. Given it is ironic that a saskatchewan dreams of the mountains this is the way I believe I take the mountains with me everyday I go. The snow in container eventually melts which symbolizes me physically not being in the mountains; However I am in the mountains every day in spirit because I know the snow does not melt in the mountains/

William Hammond states in The Creative Journal: A power tool of learning that “The environmental education (EE) journal is consistent with brain research which has shown us that drawing and writing something we have just experienced fixes that experience in long-term memory and stimulates relational thought”. This statement I strongly believe in because there needs to be a physical connection when learning about the outdoors. How else am I supposed to take the experience of the mountains with me without making a physical connection? When I scoop up the snow I am wishing I am scooping up the snow in  the mountains which gives that physical connection to the outdoors.

I believe that there is a general connection made when someone can translate their feelings into a physical piece. Some people for their creative journals made drawings, I scooped up snow and explained why that makes me feel connected to the outdoors. I feel in order for a memory to become concrete in someones mind that it needs to have a physical connection just as writing down a word a million times as a student will help the student remember that word. We need to make that physical connection more in order to get a better understanding of the world around us.