So This Is What I Learnt!

So through out ECMP355 I learned many things. I learned how extremely easy it is to create a network using social media forms such as twitter due to the saskedchat. I also found applications that could be used to bring the classroom together digitally such as twitter, and google+community (maybe even Facebook).

As I have stated before, prior to ecmp355 I hated social media more than anything because it only appealed to me as a method to party details, and a whack load of drama. I also knew of the Amanda Todd story (but not that much) and I honestly thought the reason this tragedy had happened was because of social media sense another reason why I hated it. However, when Amanda’s mother Carole was a guest speaker for our class I realized the positives that came out of this case (every cloud has a silver lining). Sadly enough because of the death of Amanda Todd (and many others I assume) we as educators can prepare students for the darkness that comes with the internet rather than completely avoid it as a whole. Myself as an educator will be able to prepare students for the side of social media that I so rightfully hate, and in a way hopefully avoid another death due to the digital world. This I feel like is what I can take most from this class is the fact that I have a reason as a future educator to familiarize myself with social media and the internet in order to prepare my students as well.

Overall, I found the class very intriguing and I experienced a very personal growth of my own which was actually having a presence online for once. I leave you with a little children’s book style story using StoryBird that summarizes my whole experience of ecmp355.