Stepping Forward From Here

One of the main things I will leave with because of ECS 210 is the fact that I learned how to create a relationship with my peers, and my professor’s. Prior to this course I barely ever spoke in class (having fear of being wrong), and would rarely speak to the prof about anything (also the fear of being wrong). However, this semester I decided to not care as much because I believe that 210 allows you to voice your opinion with no restrictions. Overall I enjoyed this course (as you can tell in my video), and look forward to incorporate the uncomfortable learning into my teaching philosophy.

Here is the link to my digital story telling.

The reason why I decided to screencast myself watching the civil war trailer for my digital story telling project is because I think it is a great example of how different opinions clash, and no one wins in the end. Though the movie will be different from what I heard, the original Civil War comic from Marvel has two sides of superhero’s fighting the ones who believe that their identities should be kept secret, and the other side that believes a superhero should be government position (funded by the government) hence giving up their personal Identity. I believe this is a perfect example of the issue I have with the phrase “common sense”, because it should not be the reason for negativity, and conflict. Just because someone does not have the same opinion as you does that make them the bad guy and as seen in Civil War SPOILER ALERT* Captain America dies in the final battleĀ because two groups of people have disagreeing points of view. Basically we should all be considerate of each others customs, and opinions and rather than causing conflict we should step towards understanding the different points of views this world has and embracing them towards our own.

Thanks for a great semester šŸ™‚