Subject told to teach only if you want.

The purpose of treaty education in my opinion is just like claire said in lecture that “it is not necessarily for the Indigenous people in the classroom, it is for the settlers”. I strongly believe this in the sense that treaty education is more about educating students who fall within a settler origin about the land that they migrated to. Indigenous people were here well before Europeans stepped foot on this land, and through many many horrific years we finally made agreements with the Indigenous people that in our words “owned” this land before us to share the land; treaty ed focuses on the history of the land that we are sharing with the Indigenous people.

I feel as if we start enforcing let alone encourage treaty education in elementary, and secondary schooling then we will truly start our step forward with recognition of Canada’s dark history. As claire stated she had her hardships, and embarrassing mistakes with enforcing treaty ed into her classroom, but she stated that she has yet to offend someone or make someone upset (which I feel is one of the stronger reasons we don’t teach it). We as educators should not be afraid to step into the dark part of our countries history.