Inspirational Quotes Galore

The quote that I am going to somewhat dissect and vent out about is a quote by Albert Einstein. “Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The one major point that I love about this post is the “believing” portion of the quote. This quote honestly for me shows exactly how I feel about the education system, because I sometimes was the fish. I was the kid at times who struggled with math, and english simply because I kept on getting bad grades; and I never appeared to improve because a number was telling me so.

The other night I had a discussion with my father about where the education system stands. My dad is a little stubborn and sticks to his beliefs strongly, so when I said that we are starting to shift into a world where a grade won’t depict your academic achievement and “Smartness”. At that point he started bashing the system because he in fact was one of those students who succeeded in written tests. He asked “How can you show someones academic achievement without the use of a general test that everyone takes?” The best response I had for that is group projects which again got me thinking. In my mind it seems like we have not stepped away from standardized testing as much as we think. We are introducing group learnings and accommodations, but we still have a test at the end of the semester depicting how well we did in the class. We need to actually find a method to assessing someones achievement so that I can prove my dad wrong; and also start implementing it right when I become a teacher.

We are realizing as a society that there are different ways of learning, and that we need to accommodate for those fish who don’t know how to climb trees. However, realizing is not necessarily helping, its moving in the right direction don’t get me wrong! We just need to start making a change rather then saying we are. Educators are starting to give some water and cutting down the tree for the fish, but the overall goal is to still see how you can climb the tree. We need to start growing bigger trees for monkeys, and more water for  the fish; still giving someone the ability to do the task successfully but making it harder will make the monkey climb higher eventually.





2 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes Galore

  1. I like that your personal experience is one of the driving factors behind you wanting to become a different kind of teacher!. Your comments about how there is progress but we are not there makes me think of the following quote from Jim Rohn “If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” Right now you have a goal, there will be many excuses given to you by others, or thought of by you. Do not allow them to distract you from the idea of trying to meet students where they are and providing the best situation possible for their learning experience.


  2. Your post is very interesting. Your metaphor is very eye opening and makes so much sense. How can we expect our students to do things that they weren’t specifically made to do, unless we give them the right tools to do it? This will most definitely be a challenge, but as you I am excited to learn how to teach all types of learners.


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