The Reality of Standardized Testing


We were also asked to expand on the idea Ralph Tyler presented to the world of education which was standardized testing. In my own personal schooling experience I have witness many examples of Tyler’s ideas of teaching. In my opinion standardized testing is a method of allowing the “smarter” kids to be noticed more so that they can succeed; while the “Dumber” students simply get lost in the dust. I would like to believe that we are veering away from this way of education because I have seen a change in teachers attitudes from middle years to secondary education. I noticed the teachers that actually cared about your learnings rather than bombarding you with tests in order to give you an accurate grade. The things that are negative about Ralph Tyler’s point of view is the fact that it is contradictory towards the idea of a teacher. A teacher is a role model who guides a student in the right direction of success; a teacher does not base a students academic achievements simply by a percentage. It is hard to place a positive attribute on standardized testing because there is nothing positive that comes out of it. Standardized testing’s only motives are to aid the smart, and diminish the dumb. It is a method of putting a label on somebody based on only one method of testing someones intellectual skill when we as educators all know that there are many different ways we learn, and many different ways we express our achievements(all in different and unique ways).

My opinion of all testing for academic achievement is that we need to get rid of it. Every student has their own strengths and weakness’s; if one student is denied achievement simply because they did not have the ability to put it down on paper does not mean that they should penalized. Educators are already now getting to the point where we are recognizing that students do not learn in the same way. Some need more stimulation, and some need none at all. We are stepping in the right direction but we need to find a better method to allowing a student to succeed that does not involve them writing a final test that is worth 20% of their grade.


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2 thoughts on “The Reality of Standardized Testing

  1. I very much enjoyed reading your post and agree with it. I think that everyone is different so you just cant make everyone write a paper test and assume that is the best that they could do. I know from personal experience that I dread tests and would rather do something visual or auditory. I think that we need to find a way that we can assess all the sides of our students other than a standardized written exam.


  2. I could not agree with you more when you stated that “a teacher is a role model who guides a student in the right direction of success; a teacher does not base a students academic achievements simply by a percentage.” That is the key idea of education, and as future teachers we are striving to achieve this goal and be able to utilize it in our classrooms.
    Additionally, I also agree with you when you discussed how standardized tests deem people as “smart” or “dumb”. A student could be great at math and super passionate about it, but when they get a score back and is not a high as they thought it would be, they start to view math in negative terms and believe that they are not good enough to succeed in it. A single mark should not have the power to discourage students from learning, nor should it make them think that they are not “smart enough.” These forms of testing should exist in education systems anymore, or need to be severely adjusted.


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