The Not So Common Part In Common Sense

This week in ECS 210 we read the introduction to a book called Against Common Sense. We were then asked to expand on our thoughts of Common Sense, and build off of what Kumishiro was getting at.

From my experiences with the words “Common Sense” I actually find them quite contradictory because common sense is not actually that common. We assume everyone understands our cultures way of life because we are born into it; but the whole entire world has its own beliefs and culture systems. Saying something is common sense is only judging the other person hoping that they believe in the same things as yourself. I worked in a kitchen for 4 years of my life and working there was also a man of the sharpen culture. I was completely blown away when he told me that he didn’t know what The Simpsons was. In my head I near lost respect for him because he didn’t know one of the most well known shows in our culture. However, “our culture” is the key words in that statement; I was so drowned in my own culture that I forgot that not all cultures might follow the same trends as us. I think what Kumashiro is getting through common sense is that it is not common. We can not judge someone for not understanding your own common sense when it is only determined from your culture, and how you were brought up.


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